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Furniture Painting E-Course

What kind of paint do I use?

How do I pick out a color?

What brushes should I buy?

How do I seal it?

It's time to get Unstuck. You've been thinking about painting that old piece of furniture forever. Or you're wanting to paint furniture to bring in a little extra income, but you're having trouble getting started. Why? Because you lack encouragement and information. We can give you both. 

So what does this look like? 

Anna's Furniture Painting E-Course is a 6 week of online class, that will get you Un-stuck in your project fog. Inspire you to finally start painting. And provide you with the Information you need from start to finish for your project. 


Whether it's for yourself or you're wanting to learn the basic skills for starting your own furniture painting business, this E-Course is for you.

Week 1 - Painting 101

Take a project piece from start to finish: how to prep, supplies you'll need and how to paint it.

Week 2 - Distressing

You will learn several practical methods for distressing your furniture.

Week 3 - Waxes & Sealers

Experiment with 5 different types of unique Furniture Waxes. And learn When & Why to use Polyurethane or Polycrylic.

Week 4 - Glazes & Washes

Step up your creative game with Glazes & Washes.

Week 5 - Milk Paint

Learn what makes Milk Paint unique and how to use it on your projects. 

Week 6 - Trouble Shooting, Repairs & Clean Up

We'll go through the most common painting & repair challenges and how to fix them as well as the basics for cleaning up all your painting tools. 

Anna's Furniture Painting E-Course begins May 15th and ends June 25th. When you purchase your Furniture Painting E-Course, you will be added to a Private Facebook Page. Each week, you will receive a Tool Kit (Supply List), a Video Tutorial and a forum to ask specific questions about your project. At the end of the 6 week course, you will be emailed links for each Video Tutorial and Tool Kit to review at your own discretion. 


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