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The Painting vault

The Painting Vault is a monthly Paint Finish group for furniture and decor painters.


Every month you'll get a Paint Finish Tutorial + a Business or Product Tool.


You'll learn how to implement those painting techniques you've always wanted to do. And have the support of instructors and other furniture & decor painters. 

Do you know the Top 5 Mistakes Furniture Painters Make?

Do you want a fast track in learning how to do all those Paint Finishes

you've been dreaming about?

Do you want the WOW factor when people see your furniture?

Would you like the support and encouragement of

Instructors and other Furniture Painters? 

Then, this is the place for you. 

How Does it work?

The Painting Vault is a paid private Facebook group that will teach you

1 Paint Finish + 1 Business or Product Tool every month. 

This is for everyone, no matter your skill level. You'll be able to implement the finishes and have access to support and encouragement from the Instructors and other tribe memebers.

This is the community you've been waiting for! 

• Private monthly Facebook group 

• Instructors will post a video tutorial and a "Tool Kit" of supplies, materials, tools, etc... all in one place to save you time & money

• Members have access to Instructors for questions, tips, photo and project reviews, problem solving, etc...

• Some months will include additional bonus material

• You will have forever access to all projects and tutorials for each month you're subscribed to the group

$27 per month

Details: You will be billed $27 at the beginning of each month. Members must email no later than the 7 days prior to your renewal day to un-subscribe from the group, or else the monthly billing will stand. You may purchase previous months projects by contacting Our tutorials and information are not substitutes for your own good judgement and due diligence. Please read the instructions/manuals for all products you use. We are not responsible for any project mishaps, injuries, materials or loss of funds due to having to replace tools/materials/projects.

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