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Welcome to The Project Vault

One Power Tool tutorial + One Project a Month

It's time. It's time to stop thinking about creating furniture and home decor. You can do it. I promise. The only thing you're lacking is information. And we have that for you. 

Confidence • Skills •  Pinterest Worthy Projects


You'll gain the confidence in knowing you can tackle most DIY projects.


You'll gain the skill set to work with a variety of Power Tools that will make you feel accomplished and powerful. 

Pinterest Worthy Projects

You'll finally stop procrastinating and start the projects you've always dreamed of doing. 

How does The Project Vault work?

The Project Vault is a 6 month private monthly Facebook group that will give you the confidence you need to start making projects for yourself, gifts for the Holidays or even products to sell to earn extra money. 

• Private monthly Facebook group that runs from mid-September to mid-February

• Mid-month, we will give you a video tutorial that teaches you how to use a specific Power Tool

• The following week, you will be given a Project/Plan to make using that specific Power Tool

• Complete "Tool Kit" of supplies, materials, tools, etc... all in one place to save you time & money

• Members have access to Anna for questions, tips, photo and project reviews, problem solving, etc...

• Some months will include bonuses like Paint Finishes or extra Projects/Plans

• You will have forever access to all projects and tutorials for each month you're subscribed to the group






Compound Saw & Drills


Ladder & Tray

Biscuit Joiner


Chevrons & Frames

Brad Nailer +

Beadboard Box



Barn Door & Paint Finish

Scroll Saw


Valentine's Day Project

$19 per month

"I've been following Anna at ReNue Home Studio FOREVER! I am so stoked about The Project Vault. I'm a shop owner, and I desperately need to know how to build and repair things myself. My husband doesn't have time. He has his own job! And I certainly could've used this class when I was a single mom for ten years!!! I can't wait to get started!" - Leah McCormick from Patchwork Mississippi

"The Project Vault is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn new skills with power tools! Who wouldn't love that? I have been a hard core fan of Renue Home Studio for sometime and can't wait to see what great riches will be revealed from the vault!" - Barb from Barb Ann Designs

Details: You will be billed $19 once every 30 days until mid February 2018. If you sign up on the 14th, you will be billed the following month on the same day. Members must email no later than the 7 days prior to your renewal day to un-subscribe from the group, or else the monthly billing will stand. You may purchase previous months projects by contacting Our tutorials and information are not substitutes for your own good judgement and due diligence. Please read the instructions/manuals for all Power Tools you use. We are not responsible for any project mishaps, injuries, materials or loss of funds due to having to replace tools/materials/projects.

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