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DIY Valentine's Day Projects: Sparkle Gem "LOVE" Letters

As we come up on Valentine's Day, I wanted to share some DIY Valentine's Day ideas and projects for gifts and decorations that can save you quite a bit of money. By the way, I found some incredible inspiration on Pinterest.

I had fun making this "LOVE" sign using Chip Board Letters, Silver Craft Paint, a Glue Gun and Sparkle Gems. Everything came from Hobby Lobby. It's even cheaper when you use sale prices and coupons.

It was super easy to put together. First paint your letters silver with craft paint. Then separate the Sparkle Gems to find all the same size. You'll also want to map out the pattern for the Gems before you glue them down, so you have enough room for all the rows to look consistent. Glue away! I didn't stress about it looking perfect. You'd have to be up close to see any flaws.

I love how it looks on our mantle. It turned out better than I expected.

What are your favorite Valentine's Day DIY projects?



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