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How to Make Money Crafting

If you could make $200+ a month crafting would you be interested?

What if you could buy craft and sign making supplies at Wholesale (a large discount) and use those supplies to have a five friends over for a Craft Night. You ask your friends to each spend around $25-30 and they walk away with a cool project or sign.

But here's the deal. You only spent around $20 on supplies. That's potentially $150 gross. Subtract out your supplies and that's $130 in your pocket. Then you turn around and do it again. Ask another five friends over. Another $130 net. Now you've made $260*. Intrigued?

Or what if you took those supplies and made 10 signs and asked your local Coffee Shop, Bakery, Bank or local Boutique if they'd carry your signs to sell? And once they sell, you make more. What if you sold 20 signs at $30 each?

Listen, time is going to pass anyway. Why not start now?

How does this work?

I'm an Independent Designer with Chalk Couture. It's a Direct Sales company (different than an MLM). To become a Designer, you purchase a Starter Kit for $99. It's like a small business in a box. See the pic below for an example of all the items you'll get.

How to Make Money Crafting

What else is involved?

Designers are charged $19.99 a month. That gives you a 8x10 Transfer every month ($14.99 value), your own personalized website for online purchases and all the training and support you need.

To stay active, you're asked to spend $150 a Quarter (not per month) in Personal Volume. That can come from you purchasing more supplies at a 40% Designer discount OR customers buying straight from your website for their own crafting supplies (transfers, paste, ink, etc...).

That's it! All supplies have a Commercial license, so you can sell finished goods or hold your own Craft Make & Take Party and charge whatever you want. It's your business.

Plus, if people buy supplies through your own personal website, you own 25% without having to keep an inventory.

What if I'm not interested in doing this as an income, but just want to craft?

Perfect! You can be a Hobbyist. The $19.99 per month and $150 per Quarter requirements still apply.

What if I'm interested in building a Team underneath me?

Hooray! You're seeing the power of spreading the Chalk Couture love. We can help you with training and support to help you build a strong team of other Designers under you. This is the biggest way to maximize your own business.

Here's the bottom line.

You can tailor your Chalk Couture Designership however you'd like.

  • Selling Finished Goods

  • Going to Vendor Events

  • Hosting Make & Take Classes

  • Building an Online Business

  • Leading a Team of other Designers

  • and More

Now that I've peaked your interest, would you like to see the products in action?

Let's get started. Email me or contact me on FB Messenger.



*There is no promise of income. Every situation is different and unique. Designers have to "work" their business in one way or another to make it grow. Taxes and local business licenses apply.

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