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50 to 50

I've been working on a project that's been ruminating in my heart for quite awhile. The beginning of 2020 seemed like the perfect time to bring it into fruition and share it with the world. For one, it makes it more real and two, it makes me accountable to really putting this plan in action.

So here it goes....

I turn 50 in 2020. The end of August, to be exact. It's not a number that scares me or makes me rush into an anxiety of a mid-life crisis. But it does make me reflect on life. See, I've realized I want to be more intentional with my time, talent and treasures. So starting in January, I'm implementing a project I'm calling #50to50. It's 50 things I'd like to accomplish before I actually turn 50.

Let's be clear though. This IS NOT a Bucket List. Although, some of the items on this list are actually Bucket List like items I've always wanted to do (like go to Italy). Some of the items are Dreams. Some are Realistic. Some are Self-care. But most of them are things that will bring me Joy or allow me to Serve others.

I believe strongly in volunteering. In fact, I've volunteered at a local ministry for over 5 years. I go once a week for 3+ hours and serve people that are in crisis and need hope. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making this about me. I'm no different than anyone else. I just decided I was going to follow my heart, get involved and make a difference.

This brings me back to my #50to50 project. I want this list to inspire you. I hope it makes you think about being Intentional about the things in your life. Why not do it with me? You don't have to do everything on the list. You can make your own. Or you can do just a few of items. Checking off the list, really isn't the point. I hope you hear my heart on this. Remember it's about being Intentional, finding Joy and Serving Others.

So from now until the end of August, I'm going to work my way through the #50to50 list. Will I get them all done? I'm not sure. (The challenge is there isn't 50 weeks until my Birthday, so most weeks I'll have to double up.) But I'm going to do my best .

I'd love for you to join me on this fun project. I'll be blogging and posting on social media with the #50to50 hashtag. Follow along, cheer me on and more importantly, get involved. There will be times that I ask for your help. It will be like we're doing it together virtually.

I know you've been patiently waiting to see my list. It's in no particular order and it might evolve somewhat as the year progresses. I'll be coming back here and adding checks next to the ones I accomplish.

  1. Watercolor class

  2. Creative Handwriting class

  3. Colonoscopy

  4. Mammogram

  5. Weston shopping trip with friends

  6. Can strawberry jam

  7. Hula class

  8. Volunteer at a Food Shelter

  9. Sing on a big stage

  10. Speak on a big stage

  11. Hand write thank you cards

  12. Dates with Norman

  13. Consistent Workouts

  14. Watch the sunset at Longview

  15. Girls breakfast / bless the wait staff

  16. Date with Mara

  17. Date with Daniel

  18. Date with Levi

  19. Italy with Norman

  20. Family trip to Indiana

  21. Girls craft night

  22. Get a Grown up Facial

  23. Floating Water Massage

  24. Zip line

  25. Prayer breakfast with friends

  26. Surprise dinner for a friend

  27. Watch a live Musical

  28. Diaper Drive for Rachel House

  29. 5k Walk

  30. Write a Poem

  31. Family Motto Sign

  32. Branson trip

  33. Hand out Gift Cards at the NICU

  34. Purge my closet

  35. Go on an Archeology dig or Go Metal Detecting

  36. A Cave Tour

  37. Redecorate the boys room

  38. Take a Pottery class

  39. Free Hugs on a street corner with Miss Vanessa

  40. DNA test

  41. Quarters in Aldi Carts

  42. Volunteer at Agapa Pamoja

  43. Volunteer at Antiques Roadshow in Nashville in May

  44. Donate to the Food Shelter

  45. Blueberry Picking

  46. Art Drop

  47. Purge the boys dresser and closet

  48. Plant flowers for a friend

  49. Send a package to our World Vision sponsored child

  50. Take Gift Cards to the Veterans Hospital

Good grief, this feels a little scary putting it out for you to read, but really the overriding feeling is excitement. Let's do this!



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