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Graduation Gifts For Her

Graduation Gifts for Her Party

It's Graduation season which means it's time to think about Graduation Gifts for Her and Him. It's easy to come up with Cash or Gift Cards, but I thought it would be fun to find some creative and unique gift ideas for the Grad or even for a Graduation Party Idea.

We have a Graduation Pinterest Board that includes many of these ideas. Make sure you jump over there to see them.

1. Money Lei

This is kind of a Polynesian tradition, which is probably why it's one of our favorites. There are lots of cute tutorials on how to make them.

2. Gift Card Bouquets

You can still give a Gift Card, but do it in a fun way. Like in a Bouquet or a Jar lined with candy.

3. Gift Basket

Fill a Basket full of towels, candy, popcorn and other household supplies they might need at college.

4. Inspirational Signs

Many Grads, especially the girls, love Inspirational Signs that can fit on a shelf. In fact the image at the top of this post is an easy one you could make using Chalk Couture transfers. It would be perfect for the Graduation Party and for after. All you need is a Chalk Board, the transfer, Chalk Paste and a Squeegee. Voila! (The transfer is called Graduate.)

5. A Globe

It would be fun to have a Globe or Map that was signed by friends and family. Or you could do this with other things like Jenga game pieces. So many fun options.

This is just a quick list. Jump over to our Pinterest Graduation Board and see more fun ideas.



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