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Before / After Painted Vintage Buffet

Some pieces just speak to you. This Vintage Buffet was one of those gems. My heart raced when the previous owner told me she had originally had plans to cut off the legs and use it as a bench at the foot of her bed. I had to save this leggy buffet. It was filthy, broken and had been long forgotten in a basement. She was now about to get revitalized.

It took me awhile to clean her up and make some needed repairs. I also had to removed a purple velvet liner in a shelf that was beyond saving. (My fingers were stained purple for a couple of days trying to get it out!)

The buffet was painted in Amy Howard One Step in Linen. The top was done in Black. After I distressed it, I was excited to use an Amy Howard product that was new to me - Liming Wax. I used it over the top and it gives it a dynamic vintage washed look. I love how it turned out. The rest of the piece was sealed in Amy Howard Light Antiquing Wax.

What a dramatic difference! She was forgotten and now she shines.

This fun painted gem could be used in an entryway, as a console, tv stand or as an actual buffet. Where would you put her in your house?


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