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8 Ways to Style a Vintage Mailbox or Postal Tin

Sometimes I get bored with my home decor. There, I said it. (Whew!) A lot of times I'll leave a piece forever without changing it. Not because I'm lazy. (OK, maybe I am just a little Decorating Lazy.) But more because I'm bored and I don't know what to do with it. I'm waiting for that spark, something to move me in a way that says, "Yes! That's it!". Maybe that's why we all love Pinterest so much. We can fantasize that our homes have the potential of looking so much better without ever actually making it look better.

I'm ready for this to change. So I'm challenging myself to take a look at some of the staple vintage inspired pieces in my home and find new ways to give it that umph (is that actually in the dictionary?) they need.

To get out of my decorating rut, I've taken one of my new favorite pieces, a Vintage Inspired Mailbox / Postal Tin and styled it with 8 different looks. Honestly, there are so many different ways you could use this piece. It's Spring right now, so I didn't even pull out any of my Fall or Christmas decor. I'll save that for an addendum to this post. :)

#1 Cotton Stems

It doesn't get much easier than adding a few Cotton Stems to the Mailbox. We got them from an online Craft store. They're incredibly versatile. I might have to buy more as I'm brainstorming on other decorating options for them.

#2 Pussy Willow Sprigs

This is perfect for Spring. In hindsight, I probably should have bought more, but Geez! silk stems and plants are expensive. I usually wait until Hobby Lobby or Michaels has them on sale.

#3 Wood Logs

I know, right? Just Wood Logs. If I had been thinking ahead, I could have spray painted them white for even more color options.

#4 Vintage Books

I dug out my large stash of vintage Bobbsey Twins books. Don't judge. (I also have a collection of Nancy Drew. I still daydream about being a Super Sleuth in a pencil skirt and flats. Always, a practical girl.) If you find some old books that are falling apart at a Flea Market or Thrift store, you could take off the covers and tie some string/twin around them. Maybe I'll try that for Christmas and put in some silver sprays with vintage glass ornaments.

#5 Moss, Nest & Lambs Ear, Oh my!

Try layering elements that will provide color variation and texture. The Moss Ball and Lambs Ear are from Hobby Lobby. The nest is from a local boutique.

#6 Dogwood

Dogwood grows wild where I grew up. It's one of the first signs of Spring. I love the pink variations, too. It looks great paired up with a Nest and Foliage. And who says, the flowers can't cascade over the edge? Symmetry is not required, friends.

#7 Hydrangea

There are so many different colors of Hydrangea, that you could go a little crazy with this one. Isn't it amazing how colors make you feel? The orange is dramatic, but you could do softer colors like purple, blue or pink, too. This particular option could definitely be a late Spring/Summer look.

#8 Mixed Flowers

I don't think you can really go too wrong with mixing flowers from the same season. Create some height and texture for more drama. Who doesn't need a modicum of drama, right? It keeps us sassy.

So there you are. This top 8 list is just a starting point, though. The options are many.

What other design elements would you like to see in this Vintage Mailbox / Postal Tin? If you're wanting to try your hand at decorating your own Mailbox, I'm providing you with my affiliate link to Antique Farmhouse. They occasionally have them on sale in their Summer House sale.

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Have a blessed day!


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