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DIY Chevrons

We love the versatility of our Chevrons. They're perfect for tall skinny wall spaces that are in need of some kind of Farmhouse / Vintage Home Decor or also for Gallery Walls.

We've been asked so many times about our Chevrons that we decided to make a video showing you how to make them for yourself.

This video tutorial is perfect for you if you:

•Want to make a set of Chevrons for your own home

•Want to make a set of Chevrons as a gift

•Or you are a Business Owner and you want to add Chevrons to your product line for your Boutique or shows

We've made it easy for you by sharing everything we've learned from making the hundreds of Chevrons we make on a regular basis. See our strategies to save you time and money no matter what your skill set or the tools you have.

Go to our online "Shop" on Facebook to download our "How to Make Your Own DIY Chevrons - Tutorial".

Or, if you don't have any tools, we can supply you with a set of Chevrons that only need to be painted/stained and assembled with our Chevron Kit - Paint & Stain Your Own. All you'll need is paint/stain, wood glue and a hammer.

When you're done, send us your pictures. We'd love to post them on our page. Or tag us with #renuehomestudio in all your online pics.



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