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Day #6 - 12 Days of Christmas DIY Crafts - Pom Pom Garland

This has definitely been one of my favorite DIY's that we've done in this "12 Days of Christmas DIY Crafts" series so far. All you need is yarn and scissors. How much easier can it get?

You can see our Live Facebook video here where we detail the entire tutorial for you. You can make many different sizes and colors. This is definitely not just for Christmas. My daughter is planning to make a garland for her American Girl dolls. So cute. I'd like to make another one that's multi-colored.

The garlands are versatile, too. They can be used on the Christmas Tree, Mantle, Door Frame, Furniture....the ideas are many.

We don't want you to miss out on all our 12 DIY Crafts. We're compiling a complete list of all our "12 Days of Christmas DIY Crafts" in one place. We'll deliver them right to your email, but you'll have to sign up for our email list. It's that easy! We won't be distributing them all in one place any other way than email.

Here's to more fun ideas.

Blessings on your Christmas Season.


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