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Day #7 - 12 Days of Christmas DIY Crafts - Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Why is that when someone says DIY or Crafting, we automatically think it requires making something. Personally, I think being a DIYer/Crafter also means staging, creating, arranging, etc... you don't need to paint or use my glue gun to make something pretty.

You can make something pretty by just grouping or arranging something in a new way. For Christmas, that includes using Vintage items, like Vintage Christmas Ornaments.

In our Live Facebook video, I show you how I take those elements and mix them with something new...

...and then something old. The look is so fun! Check out all the details here.

We don't want you to miss out on all our 12 DIY Crafts. We're compiling a complete list of all our "12 Days of Christmas DIY Crafts" in one place. We'll deliver them right to your email, but you'll have to sign up for our email list. It's that easy! We won't be distributing them all in one place any other way than email.

Here's to more fun ideas.

Blessings on your Christmas Season.


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