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"I Wish I Could..."

Today I did a Facebook Live video where I was showing our followers a set of Chevrons I had just made for a client. Someone commented, "I wish I could make this stuff." My response was, "You can!"

I think it's such a lie we tell ourselves that we're not creative enough, smart enough, talented enough... You are! I promise.

We're all gifted with different talents. I know this. But I also know that when given the opportunity and encouragement, we are all made with some level of creativity. Yours might be a business creativity or an engineering creativity. Maybe you have the creative talents for math, organization, leadership, or science. They're all creative gifts. We just use them in a different way.

So what if I have a creative talent in the arts? That doesn't diminish the talents and creativity that you may have.

Instead of setting yourself apart, join the circle. Jump in and try. There's nothing lost in that. Pick up a paintbrush. Pick up a hammer. We can show you how. Just because you haven't done it before, doesn't mean you can't. Let that sink in.

Hear my heart when I say we are so blessed to have each and everyone of you on this journey with our business. We feel so strongly about using the talents and creativity that God has given us. We want to share and give you what we've learned.

Make sure you go to our Tutorial link on the Re•Nue Home Studio website. Or even our local Kansas City Classes link. You'll find so many resources and projects that you can do. Yes, you can do them. We make it easy with instructions, pictures, videos, tips and more. And follow us on Facebook so you can catch all our Live videos where you can see first hand new and exciting projects.

Stick around. There's so much more that we can do together.



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