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Ryobi AirStrike Nailer & Belt Sander Review - Tools Every DIYer Should Have

(In the spirit of full disclosure, there may be affiliate links in this article, which means that we may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything through those links. We were sent these products to review. Please know however, we only recommend products & services that we use and love. All opinions are entirely our own.)

It was like Christmas. Seriously!

Our friends at Ryobi sent us an AirStrike Nailer and a Belt Sander. We use Ryobi products almost every day in the shop. And these were two power tools we had definitely been wanting.

The Hubs has said numerous times that the right tools make all the difference. And he's right. It can mean the difference between doing something correctly and quickly or spending hours upon hours on a project. In our line of business, time is money. You need reliable tools that work every. single. time.

That's just one of the many reasons we were excited to try them.

Here are some of my favorite features of the Ryobi AirStrike Brad Nailer:

•18 V Lithium Battery - There's so much freedom in having a cordless tool. The battery lasts long and doesn't take long to charge.

•Ease of use - There's not a long learning curve to get it up and running. It holds a variety of nail lengths. It has a light and laser to guide your strike.

•Power - It's powerful enough to do the job. There are adjustments for depth of nail and for the force of the nailer. Both are easy to adjust.

I will say, it's a little heavier than I had expected. I don't always have the physical strength that the Hubs might have to work on projects. That being said, I was still able to use it without any issues.

Here's a quick video showing the Ryobi AirStrike Brad Nailer in action.

When it comes to the Ryobi 120-Volt Belt Sander, it's a game changer. This power tool is going to save us an incredible amount of time.

Here are some of the things we loved about the Belt Sander:

•Easy of use - I had the Belt Sander up and running in a short amount of time. I did have to assemble the Disc Sander before operation, but it wasn't hard to do.

•Power - It's very powerful and does the job well. I was initially surprised at the torque and speed of the belt. You definitely need to use the Decking to hold your project piece in place.

•Mounting - To get the best use out of the Belt Sander, we'll need to mount it to a table. I was able to use it on a sturdy work table, but I'm sure we'd get more out of it and it would be safer if it was mounted.

•Time Saver - The Belt Sander can accomplish in a short amount of time what could take me double or triple when using a hand sander. Why? Because it's more powerful and versatile. It takes a certain amount of energy to hold a hand sander in place on a project. The Belt Sander means I don't have to exert as much energy.

Here's a quick video showing me using the Ryobi Belt Sander.

(Please ignore all the dust in my hair and clothes. Sawdust and paint are constantly flying around here.)

As you're building your collection of Power Tools for your shop, it helps to see other people using them before you make a decision. We're grateful to our friends at Ryobi for giving us an opportunity to experiment with these two specific Power Tools. We love these products and know you will too.



P.S. If you're just starting to work on lots of DIY projects, make sure to check out our article where we share the Top 5 Power Tools Every DIYer Needs. You might also like the following posts:

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