Farmhouse Tree Skirt Round Up

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Christmas Tree Skirts aren't like the ones we used to have as kids. They've definitely come a long way. That's why I thought it would be fun to put together a Tree Skirt Round Up.

These are some of my favorite Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirts that I found online. I'd love to hear which is your favorite.

1. Silver Velvet Tree Skirt from Macy's

This one is dreamy. Like, you want to lay-down-and-take-a-nap-on-it dreamy. It would be beautiful with a tree that had a more monochromatic color theme of creams and silvers.

2. Cuddle Up Faux Fur Tree Skirt in New Natural Tipped from Nordstrom's

They have this tree skirt in a few colors, but the New Natural Tipped was my favorite. It's such a rich color. You could also have a lot of creative options for your tree. It could be rustic, copper/bronze with dark jewel tones, ivory, white and on and on. Lovely!

3. Red & Black Buffalo Check Tree Stand Band from Hobby Lobby

We all know how popular Buffalo Check is right now. I love the idea of using a Tree Stand Band under the tree. It kind of mimics a galvanized tub, but with color options, which could help with small spaces. It's such a cute option for a red, white or black Farmhouse Christmas Tree.

4. Festive Natural Burlap Ruffled Tree Skirt from Houzz

The ruffles on this burlap tree skirt give a lot of texture and depth without taking away from the design of a Christmas Tree. The color options for a tree with this skirt are many. Definitely great for neutral tones.

5. Reindeer & Santa Tree Skirt from Kohl's

This is such a great Vintage throwback. Imagine all a tree chocked full of Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Faux Bubble Lights. This definitely brings back the nostalgic.

6. Jutte Burlap Linen fabric with Faux Fur Lining from Amazon

Picture a woodsy rustic outdoorsy Christmas Tree with this skirt. Or go the opposite direction with something somewhat Hollywood. It could work with many different themes. I just loved the trim. Yummy!

It doesn't matter if you're traditional or like themed Christmas Trees, these skirts will give you tons of options. Enjoy!



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