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How To Make Signs & Home Decor Without Vinyl or a Cutting Machine

What if I told you there was a way you could make your own trendy Signs and Home Decor without having to use a Cutting Machine (ie Cricut, Silhouette, etal)? No more Vinyl. No more Transfer Tape. No more Weeding.

Have you wanted to make Signs before but were intimidated by the thought of purchasing an expensive machine, having to learn how to use it, ordering all the supplies...

We've recently been introduced to a new company that is literally transforming how we make Signs and Home Decor. Seriously! It's called Chalk Couture.

What makes Chalk Couture unique is that they make reusable vinyl Transfers (think Silk Screens) that can be used 20-40 times each. That means you can use them over and over again. Not only that, but these Transfers have more detail in them than I could ever hope to get with traditional vinyl. The results are amazing!

When I use my traditional vinyl with my Cricut, I'm one and done. I have to throw it all away and make new ones. With Chalk Couture, I just clean my Transfers and use them again. It's so easy. Anyone can do it.

So how does it work? You use a Chalk Paste (not chalk-like paint) with the Transfers. Remember that Silk Screen I mentioned earlier? The Chalk Paste is smoothed and scraped on top the of Transfer that has little pin holes throughout. The paste is pushed through those holes on to your surface.

You can also use the Transfers and Paste on multiple types of surfaces. Wood, Canvas, Chalkboards, Metal, Glass, Mirrors, Ceramic, Fabric, Canvas, etc... And because the Chalk Paste is water soluble, if the surface is properly prepped, the paste can be sprayed with water and wiped off (except for on fabric) and used again. It's perfect for seasonable decor!

We've been doing a number of Live Videos showing you how they work. And because I'm a visual learner, I'd rather show you, than tell you.

And more...

Before we go any further, I do want to have total transparency with you and tell you that this is a Direct Sales company. However, and let me emphasize HOWEVER, you do not have to join the company to purchase products. There is absolutely NO commitment. You can jump over to my personal Chalk Couture page at and purchase whatever Transfers, Chalk Paste or Chalkboards that you'd like. It's super easy.

By the way, these products would be really fun for a Girls DIY night, Bunko, Christmas Gifts, Wedding or Baby Shower signage, etc...

For the month of September 2017, there's also a Special. Buy 5 or more Transfers and get a FREE Large Squeegee which is a $10.99 value (I always have to look up how to spell that! Ha!)

If you've ever wanted to start your own Sign Making Business, either by doing Vendor Shows or Make & Take Parties, then Chalk Couture is definitely something you'll want to consider.

You can buy a Starter Kit and start making signs to sell right away. (Look for the "Join" link at the top of the page.)

It won't take you long to re-coup the $99 investment on your kit. There is a $25 monthly fee for maintaining your own personalized website (where you can make commission when people buy) and have access to a personalized Point of Service App for any on-site Shows or Make & Take Parties you may have. You'll also get 1 Free Transfer a month. Personally, I don't see a downside. It's all win-win.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about Chalk Couture. Feel free to email me at I'm serious when I tell you that this has made an enormous impact on how we make Signs & Home Decor, as well as an impact to our business. We'd love to tell you more.

If nothing else, go check out all the amazing Transfer designs at There will be new Transfers released on a regular basis. Some have been selling out, so if there is something you're thinking about getting, don't wait!

It's such an exciting time for DIYer's. You don't have to be an expert. You just have to be willing to try new things. And when I get excited about a new revolutionary way to do IDY projects, I have to tell you.



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